Epipremnum aureum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae, found in tropical forests from Southeast Asia to the west Pacific. They are evergreen perennial vines growing to 66 ft tall, with stems up to 2 inches in diameter, climbing by means of aerial roots which adhere to surfaces. The leaves are alternate, heart-shaped, entire on juvenile plants, but irregularly pinnatifid on mature plants, up to 39 inches long and 18 inches broad (juvenile leaves much smaller, typically under 8 inches long). The flowers are produced in a spathe up to 9 in long.

This plant produces trailing stems when it climbs up trees and these take root when they reach the ground and grow along it. The leaves on these trailing stems grow up to 4 in long and are the ones normally seen on this plant when it is cultivated as a pot plant. We carry it in golden, Marble Queen and Jade varieties. It comes in a 6 inch pot, 8 inch basket, or a 10 inch basket. The 8″ and 10″ baskets are premium baskets with wire hangers and external saucers that will stand the test of time.