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Silver Krome Gardens Inc. is a small, wholesale foliage plant nursery consisting of 160,000 square feet of steel and plastic shade-house structures located  on Krome Avenue at Silver Palm Drive in the Redlands farming district of subtropical Dade County, Florida just East of the Everglade National Park. Started in 1981 with one shade-house on three and half acres of land, Silver Krome Gardens has grown to six shade-houses on eight and a half acres of land.

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Our Specialties

Our specialty is colorful, durable, well-grown, soft foliage plant varieties for the interiorscape industry, although a fair amount of our product also goes to florist and garden center sector. We do not grow and price our product for the Mass-Market sector of the Industry.  The bulk of our plants come from tissue-culture laboratories with the remainder coming from seeds and cuttings from our own stock and mother plants. 

Beautiful, flowering, hybrid Anthuriums, tough, durable, bird's nest Anthuriums, colorful, self heading Philodendron hybrids, wonderful Alocasia, and vigorous and interesting Calathea hybrids and species, as well as some of the best Pothos baskets in South Florida, grown with premium quality soil and cuttings with the interiorscaper in mind…this is what we do.

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Wholesale Only

I am sad to say that at this time we can not ship retail-size orders to web shoppers. At some future date this may become an option but at the current time we are over whelmed of wholesale orders and do not have the time to do retail. 

If you need a wholesale price listing E-mail me: your name, your business name, your address, and your phone number.  I can not respond to requests for price lists without a business name.

William D. Rotolante
Owner, Silver Krome Gardens, Inc.

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