This genus of tropical foliage plants is mostly native to forest floor near the edges of rainforests of Southeast Asia. As a group they prefer bright shady conditions and warm weather, on a patio or near a bright window. Full sun is too bright and can burn the leaves. Avoid cold weather below 50 Degrees F. as they will have a tendency to drop their leaves and go dormant till warm weather resumes.

Do not over water when conditions are cooler than 65 degrees F. as this will lead to root and rhizome rot. The only major pests under most conditions are mites which can attack upper and lower leaf surfaces. These can be eliminated with mitescides or on a more individual house plant basis with soapy water, a spritz of water to wash mites off or a soft cloth to wipe dust and mites off the leaves.

Our Amazing Alocasia!

  • alocasia_lauterbachianaAlocasia sp. lauterbachiana
  • alocasia_low_riderAlocasia Low Rider
  • alocasia_luteaAlocasia sp. macrorrhiza var. 'Lutea'
  • alocasia_maharaniAlocasia x 'Maharani'
  • alocasia_moroccoAlocasia x 'Morocco'
  • alocasia_odora_variegataAlocasia Odora Variagata
  • alocasia_pollyAlocasia x amazonica 'Polly'
  • alocasia_portiiAlocasia sp. Portii 'Malaysian Monster'
  • alocasia_sarianAlocasia x 'Sarian'
  • alocasia_sp_black_stemAlocasia sp. macrorrhiza var.'Black Stem'
  • alocasia_sp_borneo_giantAlocasia sp. macrorrhiza var. 'Borneo Giant'
  • alocasia_stingrayAlocasia x 'Stingray'
  • alocasia_tigirina_superbaAlocasia sp. tigrina superba
  • alocasia_variegataAlocasia sp. macrorrhiza 'Variegata'
  • alocasia_x_megalodonAlocasia x 'Megalodon'
  • alocasia_x_regal_shieldsAlocasia x 'Regal Shields'
  • alocasia_zebrinaAlocasia sp. Zebrina

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