Silver Krome Gardens Inc. strives to bring you the latest and greatest plants.  In some cases we buy new plants but that is no fun.  We would rather make our own hybrids to release to the world.  Please view these beauties and we will release them for sale as soon as we have some available from tissue culture or seeds.  Also keep on eye on this gallery to see our new hybrids that we will put up on occasion.

 These plants are not currently for sale.

They may be available at some future time, and will be added to the availability at that point.

Our Gorgeous Hybrids!

  • anthurium_billifolius-rexAnthurium x 'Billifolius-Rex'
  • anthurium_giant_clarinerviumAnthurium x 'Giant Clarinervium'
  • anthurium_plowmanii_grande_xxlAnthurium plowmanii 'Grande XXL'
  • anthurium_rhinoAnthurium x 'Rhino'
  • anthurium_spiderwebAnthurium x 'Spiderweb'
  • anthurium_waterdragonAnthurium x 'Waterdragon'
  • anthurium_x_bigbillAnthurium x 'Bigbill'
  • anthurium_x_kimberlyAnthurium x 'Kimberly'
  • anthurium_x_loganAnthurium x 'Logan'
  • anthurium_x_raspberry_crunchAnthurium x 'Rasberry Crunch'

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