This group of plants characterized by their colorful leaves and their tolerance for low light conditions is native to the forests floor of the Central and South American Tropics. They have proven to be susceptivle to Fluoride toxicity, and are sensitive to high soluble salts in the root zone.

Avoid usage as interiorscape plant in areas where irrigation water is high in salts. Mites can be a problem when plants are stressed out.

Our Outstanding Calathea!

  • calathea_beauty_starCalathea x’Beauty Star’
  • calathea_constellationCalathea x 'Constellation'
  • calathea_holidayCalathea x 'Holiday'
  • calathea_lancifoliaCalathea sp. lancifolia
  • calathea_makoyanaCalathea sp. makoyana
  • calathea_medallionCalathea x 'Medallion'
  • calathea_mosaiccaCalathea sp. mosaicca
  • calathea_oncoreCalathea x 'Oncore'
  • calathea_ornataCalathea sp. sanderiana var. 'Ornata'
  • calathea_peacockCalathea x 'Peacock'
  • calathea_rubifarbaCalathea sp. rufibarba
  • calathea_silhouetteCalathea x 'Silhouette'
  • calathea_stromanthe_charlieStromanthe stromanthoides .var 'Charlie'
  • calathea_warscewicziiCalathea Warscewiczii
  • calathea_x_geckoCalathea x 'Gecko'
  • calathea_zebrinaCalathea sp. zebrina

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