These small to medium sized tropical ferns are for low light areas.  With their beautiful colors and interesting shaped leaves they would be the perfect addition to any living wall or animal terrarium.  They love humid areas with lots of shade.  Keep them away from cool dry weather and they should thrive.

Our Fabulous Ferns!

  • adiantum_hispidulum_ruby_fernAdiantum hispidulum "Ruby Fern"
  • hemionitis_arifolia_heart_fernHemoionitis arifolia "Heart Fern"
  • nephrolepis_exalta_smithii_cotton_candy_fernNephrolepis exalta 'Smithii' "Cotton Candy Fern"
  • pteris_crecitaPteris crecita 'Roweri' "Birds Foot Fern"
  • pteris_quadriaurita_tricolor_fernPteris quadraurita "Tricolor Fern"

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